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Many of us experience difficult or distressing times in our life, for example when coming to terms with pain or regret, ‘stuckness’ or sorrow. At such times we may simply want someone who cares to listen to us without judgement, to understand us and our situation and help us move forwards.

Perhaps you are experiencing just such a time in your life now? If so, perhaps you would like to talk to someone who is trained to help?

My name is Jon Blend and I’m based in Acton, West London. Over the last 30 years, I have developed a unique way of helping people that has proven to be very effective: Gestalt Arts Counselling & Psychotherapy.

Sometimes it may seem hard to communicate important experiences using words alone. Gestalt Arts Counselling & Psychotherapy offers a particular ‘experience-near’ way of exploring concerns through the use of arts materials. These may include working with crayon, charcoal and paint or using clay to fashion a scene or work out a dilemma. Creative writing or journalling helps others to focus, while improvised music making and sand tray work are also accessible approaches to self-expression.

Regardless of age or background, working with the arts helps free up our ability to communicate, enabling us to express clearly our needs and desires. When these experiences can be appreciated and spoken about in a respectful dialogue we may feel supported and understood.

If you think Gestalt Arts Counselling & Psychotherapy may be able to help you, please get in touch.


As a psychotherapist I aim to provide a safe, confidential environment within which we can explore together the difficulties that concern you. I seek to relate to clients of all ages, cultures, abilities and identities with openness, respect and honesty.


I have 30 years’ experience offering psychotherapy and counselling to adults.


Are you a young person feeling unsure where you belong? Maybe I can help.


If you’re a parent of child or adolescent, find out how I can help both you and your child.


Counselling is usually a briefer treatment to address specific behavioural problems or symptoms.


I am a qualified practitioner in Lifemusic – a life-changing way of working together in small groups, for fun and well-being.

This is not psychotherapy – however many participants describe its effects as empowering, restorative and life-affirming.

Lifemusic can also be used for team-building in corporate settings or for staff training to help professionals develop their own capacity for nurture, flexibility and self-care.

Other services

I also offer a number of other services. Click on the pictures to find out more.


I offer supervision to counsellors in training.


I run and facilitate workshops and courses for practitioners.

Public speaking

I am a keynote speaker and available to present at conferences and other events on mental health and wellbeing issues.

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