Clinical supervision

As a clinical supervisor I aim to facilitate a secure space within which you can reflect deeply and openly on the process and meaning of your client work in its context.

I seek to provide a collaborative nurturing, learning environment that will support and gently challenge you to make use of your knowledge and strengths, attending to areas in which you might usefully develop your practice further.

We may view the work from different perspectives, perhaps from a relational Gestalt approach, or looking through the lens of Attachment theory, Object Relations or Family Systems thinking – any of which may bring new awarenesses and insights.

Books about counsellingAs a supervisor and as a therapist I am inspired by a love of healing and learning. I enjoy working with people from a wide variety of backgrounds, of all faiths and none. I believe our work as practitioners has ‘added value’ when relationships with our clients are able to be experienced mutually as heartfelt and soulful.

As a person of mixed European heritage I take a keen interest in identity, diversity and transcultural matters, and also intergenerational relationships. Above all I am interested in helping you discover what makes you more effective as a therapist in your chosen approach.

I offer supervision individually or in groups to:

  • counsellors and psychologists
  • health practitioners
  • teachers and school support staff
  • learning mentors
  • social workers
  • school nurses
  • community musicians & Lifemusicians

I also offer individual supervision to trainee counsellors and psychotherapists (Gestalt/ integrative approaches).

You are welcome to contact me for further information or to discuss setting up clinical supervision within your organisation.