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Group of people working with clay

Learning to use clay as a therapeutic tool: Rzeszów, Poland, 2017

I deliver short training courses in:

  • arts-based counselling and psychotherapy
  • child psychotherapy
  • adolescent psychotherapy
  • creativity and play
  • Lifemusic

I have delivered training to counsellors, psychotherapists (UK and internationally), school support staff, hospice staff, pastoral care workers and community school nurses.

Video: working with sand trays, from training session in Poland, September 2017


Video by Anna Ziomek

“The course material was interesting, accessible and fun. It’s given me confidence to incorporate using arts methods in my work.”

RT, special needs teacher, Devon.

“Your heartful work with teens has equipped me to work more creatively with young fire setters.”

MT, Pastoral care worker, London Fire Brigade.

Gestalt adolescence training: Tbilisi, Georgia, Oct 2015

These pictures illustrate a therapists’ training workshop on working with adolescents using the arts at Gestalt Institute, Tbilisi, Georgia.


Exploring through drawing

Adding an embodied response to the drawing: ‘what might my shoulders say about this situation, if I give them a voice?'

Learning by doing: exploring self expression using simple percussion instruments

A musical 'sound bath’ – the inner group relaxes deeply, listening to restorative sounds created by the outer circle of musicians working together

Sitting together in a circle conveys equality

The therapy process: shifting from a rupture to a repair – when a relationship runs into difficulties, empathy and willingness to understand what ‘went wrong’ helps both parties rebuild mutual trust

Training complete – with certificates!

Violet Solomon Oaklander Foundation

I am a member and guest tutor with the Violet Soloman Oaklander Foundation. See details of my workshops in the UK and abroad on the VSOF website.

Some other training workshops I’ve led…

Jon Blend and training group holding certificates

Accomplishment! Conclusion of (part 1) Working with children course: Institute of Training and Education in Gestalt, Rzeszów, Poland 2017

Jon Blend and training group holding certificates

Gestalt approach to working with adolescents, Gestalt Centre, London, 2016

Jon Blend and training group

Exploring angry feelings using expressive arts methods. Conclusion of therapists’ course, Krapina, Croatia, 2016

“Great variety: teaching, experimental/experiential – brilliant! Good pace, really helpful sessions. Plenty of chance to have a go, try new things, ask questions, share in the group. Great handbook.”


“Loved the theory and practical combination – a lot covered in a short period. I liked the ‘humanness’ of the approach. Able to participate and interact as a group of equals.”