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Sometimes the problems we face remain persistent, resulting in unhappiness at home or school, at work or at college. Psychotherapy can be helpful for those who suspect their difficulties are of an emotional or psychological nature.

As a psychotherapist I aim to provide a safe, confidential environment within which we can explore together the difficulties that concern you. I seek to relate to clients of all ages, cultures, abilities and identities with openness, respect and honesty. I offer psychotherapy to:

Pile of books about therapyMy intention is to help you develop a closer relationship with yourself and with others, one that enables you to live a more meaningful, authentic life. I hope that through our working together you will develop a deeper understanding of your situation, gain clarity of purpose and make informed life choices. Many who have experienced psychotherapy describe themselves as happier, more confident and resilient, living more fulfilling lives.

I also work as a counsellor offering shorter-term work that may be useful for altering behavioural patterns or gaining symptom relief.

My practice is based in Acton, West London. If you think we might be able to work together, please don’t hesitate to contact me.