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A Gestalt approach to working with adolescents: The Gestalt Centre, London, 1–4 Nov 2017

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What I offer

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I hold a degree in occupational psychology, and postgraduate diplomas in child and adolescent psychotherapy, counselling and social work. I hold a Masters degree in group and individual adult psychotherapy. I also hold the European Certificate of Psychotherapy and a certificate in Clinical Supervision.

Psychotherapy for adults

Psychotherapy for children and adolescents

Information about child psychotherapy for parents


Counselling is usually a briefer treatment than psychotherapy within which specific behavioural problems or symptoms are addressed.

Information about counselling


Lifemusic is a life-changing way of working together in small groups, for fun and wellbeing.

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Other services

I offer clinical supervision to counsellors and psychotherapists and facilitate expressive arts workshops for practitioners seeking to update their knowledge and skills. I am a keynote speaker on mental health and wellbeing issues and also on transgenerational trauma.

My supervision services

Training and courses for practitioners

Public speaking


Court work

Please note: I am neither a forensic therapist nor a custody evaluator. My role is to provide psychotherapy and consultation to adults, children and parents who are making changes in their lives or dealing with difficult issues or situations.

It is not my usual practice to become involved with lawyers or legal proceedings.

If, however, I am summonsed to court by subpoena or required to respond to legal directives for other reasons, the fee to the party demanding such services will be £300 per hour for all related activity, including travel. An initial retaining fee of £1,500 is required.